Let’s have a dance party!!!!

What’s the only thing better than a birthday party?


I want to celebrate with you! (and eat some of your birthday cake).  Email me at kidsclassblb@gmail.com to learn more about having a Kids Class Dance Party.  Party classes are totally customizable, complete with personalized songs and crafts.  Whether you’re looking for someone to drop in for a quick activity, or for someone to help with the whole shebang (including help with child supervision for the entire party, personalized gift bags, and help with setup, tear down, and decorating),  we can work together to create a party plan that will work best for you!

I am also available for children’s events and camps!  As long as there’s room to dance and friends to dance with,  I’m ready to boogie 😉

Hope to celebrate soon!!

Miss Torrie

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